Since I was the age of 4, I always had one aspiration and this was to become a pilot and learn how to fly planes. 

Whilst looking at websites regarding this, I came across the RAF and the information on their sites showed me various careers within the Air Force, this then brought me to a section about Air Cadets.  After yet more research, I found the 1070 Squadron in Diss which I decided to join. 

On the first evening I had to be there for 1900hrs.  I was extremely excited as well as being nervous.  On arrival I was met by the Commission Officer (CO) and he explained to me what the whole Air Cadet organisation was about and what activities would be on offer if I continued. I found out that you can do a whole range of activities ranging from flying and gliding, shooting, field craft, first aid, taking part in sports events and competitions and attending camps.  It all sounded fantastic.

In the first couple of weeks I was issued with all my uniform, blue and DPM.  I was taught to iron my shirts and I felt very proud when I wore my blue uniform.  I spent a long time polishing my parade shoes to try and get them as shiny as the other cadets in my Squadron.

I have now been attending for 5½ months and I have already taken part in an outside field activities, learnt first aid, achieved a swimming certificate, been on a trip to another RAF base, and took part on a competitive weekend against other Squadrons from Norfolk and Suffolk. This was based at Wretham camp which I thoroughly enjoyed as it consisted of raft building, shooting, archery, first aid, air craft recognition, leadership, field craft, orienteering as well as wonderful food.  

I am now enrolled and feel that joining the Air Cadets has enabled me to make some great new friends and given me opportunities which hopefully will benefit my career in the future.  I look forward to learning more.