On Friday 24th April 2015 the cadets selected to represent 1070 Diss Squadron arrived at the cadet hall for the short journey to Wretham camp where we began our field craft based weekend. When we arrived at the camp we signed in collected our time table and were allocated our barracks and got to meet and talk to the other cadets who would also be staying in the same building. Later on in the evening we meet the CPL from 2470 Sudbury Squadron who would be our female cadet and NCO for the weekend. We were also briefed on what we would be getting up to on our weekend. After our briefing we were allowed to go and meet the fellow cadets from other Squadrons across Norfolk and Suffolk wing.

The following day on Saturday we woke up at 6:30am and got dressed and headed off to the canteen for our cooked breakfast at 7:15am. We then went off to our first event first aid where we selected a few cadets to go into the room and were faced with a situation and had to perform first aid e.g. CPR, recovery position and treat someone who was in shock. The other cadets who did not do the practical side of the task had to complete a written exercise which also involved them using the information and skills they had been taught on the Squadron. 

After that we headed off to do our next activity which was orienteering. We were given a map on which we had to write down the coordinates some of them reaching 2km away. From which we would be heading to where we would then stamp another sheet to gain  points between 1 and 7 for our Squadron. We had 70 minutes to complete the task and every minute overtime we would lose a point.

After completing orienteering we moved on to our next activity field craft. We then selected a few cadets to do the practical where we had to camouflage our faces and lay down in a wooded area. The staff then held up numbers on cards which we had to write down but with out being seen. After they had finished holding up the numbers we had to hand in the numbers and in what order as well as judging us on that they also marked us on our camouflage skills and in total we scored 67 out of 100 on the practical. The other cadets who did not take part in the practical had to complete a written exercise on field craft.

We then moved on to RAF Honington where the cadets who had passed their weapons handling test were allowed to go to the range and fire the no8 rifle. For three of the cadets including me it was the first time we had ever fired a rifle and was very exciting.

After dinner we went on to our last event of the day the evening quiz. We were given sheets with our topics on e.g. The Dam Busters, British airfields in East Anglia during WW2 and modern global air force symbols all of which were very fun.

On the Sunday we woke up at 6:30am and headed off to breakfast for 7:15am. Our first activity of the day was archery. We selected the people who thought would score the highest amount of points which might give us a chance of coming in the top 3. The cadets who did not take part in the scoring were also allowed to have a go but their scores would not be counted.

Following archery we went off to our second activity of the day air recognition. 6 of the best cadets at air recognition went into 2 groups and took it in turns to try and guess the name of the aircraft and the role. The staff tried to make it harder for us by occasionally releasing smoke into the base to reduce our vision of guessing the name of the aircraft.

Our third and most enjoyable activity was the raft building. We had to build a raft to cross the river disembark run around a barrel and get back on and paddled back across the river while being timed. To build the raft we used the techniques we had learnt on the Squadron which helped us build a succesful raft. However on the return trip our front left barrel came loose but luckily one cadet grabbed the barrel which helped keep us afloat and successfully get back.
Following raft building we went off to our leadership activity which involved some of the cadets taking charge and helping the others to complete the tasks with success. We achieved most of the tasks due to having some practice at the squadron prior to the event.
Our final event of the weekend was the mini bus pull. Our squadron did very well in our race but we did not win. It was good fun. Before we departed we had a final parade where all the awards were handed out to those squadrons that won events. Although we did not win any events we all had a good time and look forward to next year.