On Sunday morning, we met outside our hall ready to go to Ipswich athletics stadium for the event.
When we arrived at the stadium, we set the tent up and waited for our briefing for the day. We then returned to the tent to wait for our events to take place.
My first event was long jump which was very fun and was a new experience for me. I then had lunch and enjoyed socialising with cadets from different squadrons from all over Norfolk and Suffolk; I also encouraged the cadets participating in their events.
My second event was High jump which I enjoyed meeting new people and talking to people who I knew from previous Wing events. The other cadets from our squadron took part in other sports like 100 metres, Javelin, 800 metres and discuss. It rained once in the day so we all sat in our tent but it all added to the enjoyment of the event.
At the end of the event, we all had a final parade which was the time where the medals and rewards were given. We then dismantled the tent and travelled back to our squadron to be picked up.