After several months of training myself and the rest of the two Norfolk and Suffolk Wing ATC teams headed to the annual RAF WARMA road marches at RAF Cosford. We arrived on the Friday evening and quickly got our kit ready for the marches the next day. We were up at 4:30 and we were marching by 6:00. The first day went really well with the weather being lovely and the team moral being high. We finished the first 25 mile route in just under eight and a half hours, which was a brilliant time! The second day was far more difficult as our feet were beginning to hurt, but moral was kept high through the group singing. Although it was a difficult weekend we completed the second day in a time of 8 hours (which was brilliant considering the team was mostly first timers). Once we returned we were presented with our medals and were soon on our way home, having completed the 50 mile WARMA road marches!